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Pod Space combine the benefits of modular construction with architectural design, style and luxury interiors.
Spa & Leisure Pods

Minimal disruption with maximum impact

Our clients in the leisure industry demand the highest standards of finish so Pod Space is that natural choice for attention to the finer details.

Your hotel, spa or leisure complex is a sanctuary to your guests so you can’t afford the noise, mess and disruption of traditional construction on your site. We combine the speed and convenience of modular off-site construction with the expertise of our in-house design team so that the end result is a design in keeping with your style and brand without the hassle of shut downs or reduced occupancy.

Depending upon the needs of your site and your space we can offer a range of solutions from a shell scheme to a fully finished turnkey building. We can work with your own interior designers to ensure everything is in place to complete your building, from specialist M&E to fit out of spa equipment. Our design team are also experts in sustainable design with natural materials at the heart of each of our buildings. Pod Space are the perfect modular hotel facility manufacturer.

On the exterior, the new addition to your landscape and gardens will complement its surroundings with sustainable timber cladding and colour matched details throughout. We’ll also design in efficiency to ensure your future running costs are kept in check with high levels of insulation and energy efficient modes of heating and cooling. We have the best interests of you and your customers in mind.

Whether it’s a small space to provide gym facilities or a fully functional dining room or spa complex, we have an expert team of designers, installers and consultants to put everything in place for a successful project.

Make your Leisure Pod unique with optional features

Your hotel or leisure Pod can be customised to form your unique space with an M&E specification to future proof your spa or canopy and glazing to enable access to your outdoor dining area. The choice is yours.
Case Study

A spa with a view in Snowdonia

When the Hilton Group approached Pod Space with the brief to provide a relaxation and yoga hub for their Snowdonia hotel, we were delighted to be involved. The proposed contemporary garden building was to be located in a central position in the Wave Garden Spa, to provide a space for their discerning guests to relax and re-energise in the beautiful surroundings of the National Park.

The challenge to provide a building that would complement the natural surroundings of the Snowdonia countryside whilst also complementing the contemporary styling of the hotel. Our solution was to create a modular, prefabricated leisure building that could act as a garden retreat for the patrons of the Hilton Spa Hotel.

The hotel is nestled in the breathtaking national park and the prominent outdoor location alongside the hotel leisure facilities promoted a requirement for a building that would with stand harsh weather conditions and use by guests straight out of the water. Perhaps most critical of all, the Pod was to be the central hub to provide a peaceful garden retreat sanctuary for yoga and relaxation within the leisure facility.

Pod Space design team put together a proposal for a bespoke version of our Eco Pod which fulfilled all of the requirements with use of natural Siberian Larch exterior cladding, whist the colour matched flashings and trims picked out elements of the scheme for the main hotel. The custom made floor to ceiling glazing completed the exterior design to create a focal point for guests making use of the hotel garden spa facilities.

On the interior the full height glazing creates a light, airy space with views out towards the natural beauty of the hills and mountains beyond, whilst the high levels of insulation ensure that guests remain comfortable within the peaceful space. We can also include separation screens for privacy within our yoga and relaxation spaces where this is a requirement.

Commercial Pods

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