Visitor Centre Pods

Offer your customers a welcome space for the start of your visitor journey or a marketing suite where they’ll want to stay and find out more.
Visitor Centre Pods

Creating the warmest welcome for your visitors

First impressions count so the reception building for your visitors centre or retail units have to be meticulously planned to ensure your clients get the very best start to their visitor journey. We work alongside our clients to design in details which will showcase the site and its location.

We can design the building with glazing positioned to frame the landscape beyond, inviting your visitors to go and explore. Or if your location has an existing building that needs to be showcased, we can ensure your Pod is complementary to the wider site and its existing features. If you simply want your guests to linger and learn more then we can provide the facilities and infrastructure to accommodate.

Our eco cabins are made to last so whatever style and design we create, it will have the same robust materials and design details to provide a secure and long-lasting feature. We specify high levels of insulation and multi-layered timber and steel structure all wrapped in natural and sustainable cladding to work in harmony with your surroundings. We can even include a living sedum roof to create habitat for your neighbouring species.

Intelligent design is not only about the aesthetic, it also informs the position and specification of windows and doors for maximum energy efficiency and placement of screens or a canopy for solar shading. Energy efficient specification is not only advantageous to the environment, but also the long-term running costs of the building.

A visitors centre Pod installed as modular building also offers greater cost certainty as a factory construction removes many of the cost variables that can make the costs of a traditional construction spiral out of control. A Pod Space building is an investment for the future and the planet.

Create a lasting impression for your visitors time after time.

We design in the finishing touches that will make a visit to your site and entrance building memorable. We can install bespoke signage or a lighting package and IT so that everything is to hand for the best visitor experience.
Case Study

A unique building for a national treasure

We are very proud to be an approved supplier for the National Trust and our most recent project to design and build a Welcome Hub is another great success! Wentworth Castle Gardens was a particularly special project for Pod Space as it’s also located in our spectacular home county of Yorkshire.

The unique site presented specific challenges in finding the right building to complement the Grade 1 registered landscape and the vast array of historic structures and monuments that punctuate the gardens. The final scheme for the centre was a bespoke design based on our Eco Pod but with some features unique to Wentworth. The newly built eco cabin is nestled nicely into the Castle Garden Ground located in Yorkshire.

The exterior has many of the quality materials that Pod Space are recognised for, but there’s also full height glazed doors to the front and rear of the building to provide access through to the gardens. Each entrance has a solid canopy area so that the staff can keep the doors open to welcome visitors in whatever the weather!

On the interior, the full height space is open in to the apex to create a light spacious sanctuary for visitors arriving to the gardens from the car parks and transport hubs. It’s the perfect showcase for the National Trust to entice new members and welcome existing visitors. Within the space we’ve also created a separate secure office space and a membership area so there’s zoned quiet areas even on the busiest of holidays.

We are delighted with the finished result and at our recent visit, it seems the visiting public and staff users are also enjoying all that Wentworth Castle Gardens has to offer too.

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