Fjell Pod Living

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Fjell Pod Living
Crafted to cater to the evolving needs of modern families, Fjell Pod Living offers a unique and eco-conscious living space, seamlessly integrated within the tranquility of your garden. Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Scandinavia, 'Fjell' means 'mountain' in Norwegian, embodying the strength and resilience of this remarkable region. It's more than just a space; it's a versatile accommodation solution meticulously designed with your lifestyle in mind.

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W 9.08m x D 4.39m x H 2.76m
W 10.08m x D 4.39m x H 2.76m
W 11.08m x D 4.39m x H 2.76m (*as shown)
W 12.08m x D 4.39m x H 2.76m
W 13.08m x D 4.39m x H 2.76m
(Need an alternative size? Other size options available)
The Fjell Pod Living, born from the same designer as the award-winning Eco Garden Pod, is not just an annexe; it's a visual masterpiece that combines natural materials, practicality, and exceptional design, inspired by the stunning landscapes of Scandinavia. Its signature stepped wood cladding and stunning wall of glass set it apart as a true work of art in your garden.

What truly distinguishes the Fjell Pod Living is its remarkable flexibility. Whether you dream of one or two bedrooms, an inviting enclosed lounge, or the freedom of open-plan living, we collaborate with you to craft the ideal solution.
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Fjell Pod Living Features:
  • Our custom Fjell Pod Living includes a bedroom, shower room and open living and kitchen area (optional).
  • Solid engineered structural FSC timber and steel framework at the core.
  • High levels of natural thermal and acoustic insulation to provide comfortable use year-round.
  • The cladding is anything but ordinary. It’s unique look is created It’s unique look is created using thermally modified timber cladding, which has been supercharged for stability and durability. By giving Scandinavian-grown Scots Pine a special treatment with just heat and steam a coat of paint can last up to three times longer compared to regular timber. That's less time spent on maintenance and fewer worries about the wood's longevity. Plus, thanks to its unique treatment process, it doesn't play the usual wood tricks. It's less likely to shrink and swell, and it's even more resistant to those pesky wood-damaging bugs.
  • Feature glazed wall (with aluminium frames) incorporating double patio door. Low maintenance (polyester powder coated aluminium frames). The slimline frames maximise the amount of glazing. They are all energy efficient and double glazed.  
  • Full height frameless glazed windows to the end elevations.
  • Contemporary aluminium canopy providing weather protection to the glazed wall / doors
  • Contemporary zinc coated rainwater goods.
  • Modern recessed skirting details and quality real wood flooring.
  • Digitally controlled underfloor heating.

The Fjell Pod Living is a harmonious fusion of nature-inspired Scandinavian aesthetics and cutting-edge innovation, where comfort seamlessly intertwines with sustainability.

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Heating and Cooling

To comply with Building Regulations and to pass the energy calculations we will include renewable energy air source heat pumps to the bedroom, lounge & kitchen areas.

Mini Kitchen

Optional compact kitchen. Various options.

Includes all internal plumbing / water heater.

Shower Room

Choice of 5 shower room styles.


Optional wood burning stove.

Statutory Approvals

Preparation of architectural Planning and Building Regulations detailed drawings.

Versatile uses:

Versatility for every season

The Fjell Pod Living is your space for all seasons, designed to accommodate a multitude of purposes. Whether it's providing a comfortable home for elderly parents, a haven for grown-up children, or a welcoming space for visiting relatives, it fosters a strong sense of togetherness while ensuring everyone has their own living area.

Tailored for your family

With the Fjell Pod Living, customisation is at your fingertips. Choose between an open-plan design or a layout with a bathroom, kitchen, and separate bedroom. It's fully customisable to match your family's unique needs, providing a personal touch to your living space.

Embrace sustainable living

At Pod Space, environmental consciousness is paramount, drawing inspiration from the sustainable values of Scandinavian living. The Fjell Pod Living is crafted using eco-friendly materials, aligning with our commitment to a greener future.

Energy-efficient systems

Incorporating cutting-edge energy-efficient systems, the Fjell Pod Living not only reduces your carbon footprint but also nurtures a sustainable lifestyle for you and your family, mirroring the eco-consciousness ingrained in Scandinavian culture.

Exceptional insulation

Enjoy year-round comfort with exceptional insulation, ensuring that the Fjell Pod Living remains cosy and inviting in all seasons, much like the warm and welcoming interiors of Scandinavian homes.

Building regulation compliant

Rest assured that our build quality meets, and often exceeds, industry standards, mirroring the renowned Scandinavian craftsmanship. We'll collaborate with you to secure planning permission, ensuring your Fjell Pod Living can be enjoyed year-round.

Rental income opportunity

Utilise the Fjell Pod Living as a self-contained rental unit, offering a unique and attractive accommodation option for guests. It's a smart way to make the most of your space.

Personalisation options

Tailor your Fjell Pod Living to reflect your individuality with a range of optional features that can truly make it your own.

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