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Pod Space create bright and inspiring learning spaces for your school or university.
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Learners get the best out of their education in an environment that is stimulating for all the right reasons. Pod Space schools and classrooms are architecturally designed to incorporate natural light and ventilation, and flexible spaces that can be accessible to all. We strive to design links between outside and indoors with views and direct access through full-height glazed doors.

Each classroom is designed and specified with consideration to the environment at every stage. Glazing is positioned to make the best use of solar gains but also with elements of solar shading working in harmony with nature. We also specify the latest technologies for mechanical ventilation and heat recovery for the most efficient way of keeping your spaces healthy and comfortable. Going above and beyond ventilation and thermal regulations set by the UK Government.

Natural materials are used for the exterior cladding so that the finished building is not only kind to the environment but also to the finished landscape of your school.

Pod Space design and manufacture as modular systems so we can plan the installation of your building to best suit the needs of your learners. Buildings are primarily constructed off-site with finishing works that can be completed in a matter of weeks so no need for months of noise and disruption for your staff and students.

Less time spent on site equates to better quality control and corresponding certainty over timescales. Modular school buildings offer shorter lead times and as we can strip out the risk of adverse weather, there is a reduced risk of delayed completion. Factory controlled production also means we have greater cost certainty and control over health and safety.

Our design alongside your resources will provide the very best educational experience for staff and students. We cater for classrooms, nurseries and colleges ensuring your students get the best learning environment possible.

Options to get the best out of your learners.

We design and specify features such as child friendly washroom facilities or IT infrastructure for your teaching equipment to ensure your building has everything you need for productive learning.
Case Study

Space for the start of the new primary school term.

Rapidly expanding pupil intake numbers to meet the needs of the local community prompted Abbeymead Junior school to get in touch. They had an immediate requirement for two additional classroom spaces and associated facilities. The site identified for the new building was the existing playground, however, after careful consideration of the wider site, a grassed area adjacent to the playground was found to be the most suitable.

Our aim was to provide a modular classroom with a level point of access for convenience and to avoid the need for unsightly ramps. This also offers the advantage of minimising the groundwork required.

Other considerations such as the ages of the children who would be using the classrooms were also paramount in the planning. We provided a turnkey solution which included fencing and gates to provide a secure and safe area for the new reception class intakes. We also made improvements to the access paths leading up to the new building.

We began looking at the site in early Spring and by July we had planning approval for a modular, outdoor classroom pod to be put in place. Careful coordination of all involved in the project ensured we were able to have everything in place for delivery of the modules to the site by the beginning of August and the whole building complete and ready to move into by the start of the new school year. Much of the construction work took place off-site and with the site finishing works being undertaken in the summer holidays the school were able to ensure that the risks of site works were kept to a minimum. This also made sure that noise disruption to children's learning was kept to a minimum.

The finished building bears many of the hallmarks and details associated with a Pod Space eco modular project. Each of the classrooms is naturally lit from various angles, provided by glazing across the front elevation, as well as large format roof lights. Each has a store room and child-friendly toilet facilities as well as teacher-friendly features such as a children’s cloakroom area.

As always it’s the final feedback that really matters, and Zoe Tebbutt, the school's business manager had this to say: “I would like to thank Ben and his team for our fantastic new classrooms. The bright, well-designed and spacious building has been highly praised by staff and our children think they are amazing! I have been very impressed with the high-quality product, the standard of service and the outstanding professionalism provided by Pod Space. I would recommend them unreservedly”.

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