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At Pod Space we take great pride in our innovative products. Staying at the forefront of design development ensures we can utilise the latest components and modern construction techniques to deliver a cutting edge product. We feel that the details that can't be seen are just as important as those that can that's why we never cut corners on the quality or finish of our Garden and Office Pods at any stage in the construction process.

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Rooflight Options

We can include contemporary frameless roof lights for your flat roof or an apex roof light on the Eco Pod with double glazed, self-cleaning glass to create even more light inside your pod.

Low Energy LED Lighting

We use branded, satin stainless steel recessed LED spotlights for the interior and exterior (if applicable).

High Quality Insulation

Pod walls are a composite construction with an engineered core, insulated to modern house standards. They include vented cavities and high performance waterproof breathable membranes with industry leading PIR thermal insulation at the core.

Contemporary wall finishes

Our Pods typically have clean, bright white painted plaster walls with birch ply linings to windows and doors and matching birch skirting boards. Alternatively we can specify modern Birch panelling to the walls.

Furniture Options

We can custom design and manufacture fitted furnishings to finish your Pod including desks, shelving units and cupboards. In addition, we work with BoConcept to supply further furniture packages.

Quality Internal Fittings

We use branded wall recessed, brushed stainless steel sockets and switches. A Data point and Pod fuse board are included.

Timber Flooring

Choose from a range of engineered timber flooring. Other floor finishes can be specified if preferred.

Underfloor Heating

Our Pods are built using Scandinavian underfloor heating with a digital programmable thermostat as standard. Various other options for renewable energy sources are also available.

Aluminlum Flashings

Our Pods are finished with custom-manufactured Aluminium flashings, powder coated to match with the cladding, windows and doors on your Pod for a seamless finish.

Quality Roof Membranes

Our Pods are always built with industry leading single ply PVC roof membrane, which comes with a 20-year warranty and 40+ year life expectancy. We can also specify a green sedum roof to further improve the eco credentials of your Pod.

Scandinavian Windows/Doors

We specify premium brand Scandinavian timber windows and doors, featuring double-glazed energy glass to efficiently reflect heat back into your Pod, whilst reducing solar gains. We can also specify premium-grade Aluminium bi-fold doors with stainless steel moving parts for longevity.

Premium Grade Timbers

Western Red Cedar or Siberian Larch are the timbers of choice for our exterior cladding. They are FSC certified and premium grade with no plugs or defects and minimal knots. Other cladding materials are also available.

Solar Shading

Louvred cedar screens with recessed external doors whilst enhancing our signature Pod Space design also provide functional solar shading, privacy screening and protection from the elements.

Comtemporary Grey Cladding

Our latest innovative choice of maintenance free cladding product has concealed fixings matching the mid-grey colour finish along with cedar edge trim for a seamless design.


No planning requirements

We have streamlined the whole process of construction by designing our Pods so that they automatically meet planning policy 'permitted development'. This means in most cases they do not require planning permission and helps us install your dream Pod quicker.

Flexible modular design

The modular nature of our Pods means they can be as flexible as you need them to be. Our clients span the range of growing families looking for additional living space, to larger commercial developments. Our architectural trained designers will offer expert advice on how we can work together in creating a Pod that will suit your needs perfectly.

Streamlined build process

Our in-house team of expert craftsmen uses a modular construction system allowing us to complete most of the work off site whilst the foundations are being laid. This causes minimum disruption to our clients and typically speeds up the build process so that within 10-12 weeks, your new Garden Pod will be delivered and installed, ready to use.

Easy relocation

Don't worry about what would happen if you moved home. Like any other property, your Pod is an investment and you may envisage it moving with you. If that's the case we may be able to design your Pod so that it can be easily relocated when the time comes. If your Garden Pod can't be moved then you can feel safe in the knowledge that your Pod is likely to add value to your property.


Premium grade timbers

Both inside and out our Garden and Office Pods are made from top-notch timber. Clad in either premium grade western red cedar or Siberian larch, all our timber is sourced from well-managed Canadian and Siberian forests. These are the highest grades of cladding commercially available in the UK and are clean with minimal knots.

Scandinavian windows

When it comes to exceptional quality we believe you can't beat premium Scandinavian windows and doors, fitted as standard to all our Pods. For additional insulation our Pods are installed with high efficiency double glazing units with optional streamlined folding doors powder coated to match the colour of your Pod's windows.

Quality internal fittings

The quality is in the detail; from our flush mounted stainless steel sockets and light switches to the energy efficient spotlights and clean plaster and paintwork finish our attention to detail is paramount.

Aluminium flashings

We fit custom aluminium powder coated flashings around the base and roof of our western red cedar Garden Pods. These channel rain from your roof helping to prevent water staining the external cladding. Of course the flashings are also colour matched to your windows and doors to enhance the overall finish.

Solar shading

Developed by Pod Space, our unique, innovative cedar louvers and recessed external doors not only provide excellent solar shading they also help protect your Pod throughout the year from the great British weather.

Frameless roof lights

You can choose to customise your Pod further with optional quality design features including contemporary frameless roof lights. Constructed using energy efficient, double glazed, self-cleaning glass these low maintenance roof lights help reduce the requirement for artificial lighting.

Wide range of optional extras

We offer our clients the opportunity to finish off their Garden Pod in style with an eco friendly green roof system made from bio diverse sedum herbs and grasses. This cost effective addition provides added thermal and acoustic insulation and helps to protect the waterproofing system. Clients can also opt to interconnect several pods using contemporary steel and glass links to create a larger more versatile space.


High quality insulation

Insulated right from the core, our Garden and Office Pods are built on a highly insulated structural timber/steel frame. We also assemble our external walls using a composite construction insulated to modern house standards. This composite incorporates vented cavities and high performance waterproof membranes to eliminate any weak spots in the insulation.

Under floor heating

For the ultimate in comfort your Pod can be fitted with a modern under floor heating system. Its durable, ultra thin and comes with a fully programmable digital thermostat with built in timer.

Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps are a renewable energy technology and efficiently heat our pods by absorbing heat from the outside air and transferring it internally as useable heat. Optionally the heat pumps can incorporate cooling to operate as a climate controlled system. Causing minimal impact on the environment because the heat extracted is constantly being renewed naturally ensures your Garden Pod is more eco friendly.

Low energy LED lighting

Our low energy lighting includes internally recessed LED spotlights and external moisture resistant spotlights built into the Pod roof canopy. Far more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs they use very little energy, and therefore need replacing much less frequently. Our eco friendly lights are some of the most energy efficient on the market.

5 year guarantee

We like to offer our clients extra peace of mind above and beyond our design expertise and skilled craftsmanship. That's why all our Garden and Office Pods come with a 5 year warranty as standard.

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