A Glide Pod takes centre stage in Cheshire

When we were approached by Andrew and Debbie for a new Garden Pod, little did we realise just how big a project they were embarking on. As well as building an extraordinary new home in a Victorian walled garden, they were also going to recreate many of the original gardens and walkways, of which their new Pod would form a part.

The new house sits in many acres of the most beautiful grounds of a period hall, with the front elevation of the house discreetly tucked into parkland at the head of a long drive. The walled garden was recreated with complete sympathy to its original footprint, using long forgotten axis paths. The rear of the house with its crisp, sharp lines overlooks the modern main lawn of the walled garden and it was here that the couple wanted their new garden room to take centre stage.

After a discussion about their style preferences and their desires for a modern yet sympathetic aesthetic, we designed a bespoke building just for them, based on our Glide Pod. It was exactly what the couple wanted!

A view of the Pod from a garden path
An interior photo of the pod in Cheshire
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The Pod was created at our factory in Yorkshire, with our favourite Siberian larch cladding. The inclusion of the louvered screens and large aluminium sliding door would allow access to the garden and some privacy and shade when needed. We also designed a mini kitchen and washroom so they had every convenience at their fingertips.

Interior photo of stylish Pod in Cheshire
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And what a result! When we visited again this year, the pod was in situ and the gardens were finished and were literally blooming marvellous.

Andrew said “I’m delighted with my Pod. I got exactly what I paid for – top quality, great finish, fabulous architectural design and a beautifully finished product”.

When we asked how the couple used it, he said “We use our pod in so many different ways - it’s my favourite spot for a cup of coffee in the morning, a great place for lunch, brilliant for entertaining guests and showing off our garden, and an even better spot for an afternoon nap whatever the weather!”

We couldn't agree more.

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