Busy Iinternational photographer perfectly at home in his new Garden Office Pod

A Garden Studio Room Built for Photographers

Like most photographers working in an environment where the light can be controlled was crucial, so critically our team of architects needed to focus on designing a Garden Pod that utilised natural light to form an inspiring and creative work space.

As a result several full height windows were incorporated into an extended Glide Pod design. Coming from a creative environment himself, our client had very clear thoughts on how he wanted the Garden Pod to look, so it was incredibly important to deliver a smart and contemporary finish that matched his vision. In addition the garden studio building required plumbing facilities for a sink and WC and exceptional security features that would keep valuable photography equipment safe.

Collaboratively working to create the perfect garden office pod

Throughout the design and build process the Pod Space team and our photographer client chatted through each development to ensure the finished garden Pod not only delivered a fully operational home office and photography studio, it also surpassed our client’s expectations of a contemporary, artistic and inspirational Pod space.

A safe space in the perfect garden office pod

Here at Pod Space, we understand the need for artists to have their own studio buildings, separate from their day-to-day living space. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, whether that be children, bills, emails, or the occasional knock on the door, is essential for artists. Creating a safe space in your own garden studio room to brainstorm, hide away, and work on projects can be the difference between simply an idea – and an idea come to fruition.

Start your artistic journey today by getting in touch with us. We can help you create your ideal artists retreat, whether that be for photography, music, painting, writing or dance. You deserve a garden studio building that will inspire and motivate you.

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