A Pod for all seasons

When we were approached by Philip back in 2020, little did we realise we would still be chatting several years later.

Philip and his wife had recently moved into a lovely house with a great garden. The pandemic resulted in them both hybrid working and they needed to create separate, dedicated spaces so they could work independently.

Philip was keen to have a separate work space  away from the main family living space and so a garden study seemed like the perfect solution. Philip particularly  liked the idea of switching off his PC at the end of the day, closing the door and still ‘going home’.

Philip's pod in winter

Philip started a shortlist of suppliers and put together some  comparisons of manufacturers’ various offerings (which was not altogether easy, at least, from a cursory review). After assessing cross-sections of different construction materials,  top of his list was design, construction, customisation and customer service. Pod Space made the grade! Philip particularly liked the clean lines of Ben vision, evidenced by the highly acclaimed Red Dot Design Award (Pod Space’s architectural designer). Our eco-friendly materials (especially the natural sheep’s wool insulation and in-built blinds), and the construction methodology were deciding factors. Philip was also impressed by how accommodating the team were on adapting the Pod to exactly what he wanted (as well as having seen a local professional photographer friend’s Pod some months before).

The Pod in spring
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Fast forward three years later and we are delighted that we are still in touch with Philip. Philip regularly sends us photos of his Glide Pod throughout the seasons and it still looks as great as the day it was installed.

Philip uses it through the year when he works remotely. And it isn’t only Philip that uses the Pod, his dog, Chester joins him in the Pod on days working from home (he has his own bed). Chester settles down into his bed, keeping an eye on garden, the neighbours’ cats and his owner. The Pod also has a reinforced wall should Philip wish to instal a widescreen TV for cinema nights in a few years, should the family wish to.

The Pod in summer
Chester the dog
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Philip said ‘It is such a great design and, accordingly, has longevity. As with all things, you get what you pay for (or at least you hope you do). I have never regretted the decision and have always viewed the Pod as an investment (in what I think are the almost permanent requirements for hybrid and home working)."

When we asked Philip if he would recommend Pod Space. His answer was clear and emphatic – “yes, absolutely”. We couldn’t ask for more than that!

If you are inspired by Philip's story, please get in touch. We’d be happy to talk through your ideas and plans.

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