Autumnal green roof maintenance

Whilst you are out braving the elements to clear the leaves or do a final mow of the lawn this Autumn, it’s worth investing some time in your green roof. Autumn is the perfect time of year to apply a little TLC and come Spring you’ll reap the rewards with a lush, colourful carpet of growth.

Autumn care is relatively simple and needn’t take much time. The first job is to pull out any weeds. These are inevitable and they should pluck out easily but pay particular attention to remove tree saplings. Come Spring time new growth will cover any bare areas left from weed removal and this can be encouraged by filling the gaps with cuttings or new plants. It’s also a good time to remove any other debris that’s fallen on to the roof. Most commonly leaves from nearby trees, although twigs and other items carried by birds can also make their way on to the roof. Items such as these will block the light and affect growth of the underlying plants.

In addition to the general care of the planting, it’s also a good idea to check edge trims, gutters etc. to ensure that the roof continues to have adequate drainage. This will prevent your plants becoming waterlogged over the winter.

Any work you put in to your roof in Autumn will certainly pay dividends when you get back out in your garden in Spring!

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