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In February 2016 we were contacted about a new pod project by retirement property developers, Pegasus Life. They pride themselves on creating unique and inspiring communities so when their special projects coordinator got in touch we were incredibly excited about the prospect of designing a bespoke pod to sit within their latest property development. A custom installation of the Eco Pod provided a perfect sales suite.

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Initially, we were briefed to create a sales office unit at Wilderness House, a grand and historical building. But as we started work on the pod the project grew to include interior design planning and bespoke design requirements.

The team at Pegasus felt that our Eco Pod would best suit their needs and the Pod Space design team started work on a scheme which in addition to the pod specifications, would also accommodate Pegasus Life’s interior specification and the exterior appearance they wanted to create.

We visited the site of Wilderness House to see what available space the plot offered and to determine which angles offered the best views. The new pod building would also include a washroom and small kitchen, so whilst on site we established what services would be required.

Living area inside a Pod

We also planned a complete schedule for the groundwork, delivery and installation of the Eco Pod so that we could coordinate the construction of our pod with other planned development activities for the main house. To minimise disruption we delivered the pod as a complete unit and craned it directly into place.

When it came to the specific design of the Pegasus Life Eco Pod we took the time to gain a real understanding of what the pod would be used for and how Pegasus wanted their pod to look. As a result we designed the pod using grey stained timber cladding to work in harmony with the planned landscaping. To make the best use of natural light a grey standing seam roof featuring an apex roof light was included in the design and an over sized tall window was added to the side elevation to take in the views of the garden. A slot window was added to both the rear elevation and the opposite side elevation to accommodate views towards the main house. Exterior lighting was added to the design at a later date to enhance the exterior features on the landscape.

The brief for the Eco Pod’s interior finish was to reflect the extremely high quality finish that Pegasus clients have come to expect from their properties. To ensure we hit the mark we worked closely with the Pegasus Life project coordinator and other team members to plan the interior space, mapping out where internal walls and plumbing would go in order to create the required washroom and kitchen space.

Kitchen area inside an Eco Pod

The position of further items, including a coffee machine, was carefully planned out to ensure the interior design worked in perfect harmony with the building.

Since October 2017 Pegasus Life have been using their bespoke Eco Pod as a sales unit for the retirement properties they have created at Wilderness House. We’re pleased to share that we received excellent feedback from the project coordinators throughout the planning and construction stage of the project. On our return visit to the site Pegasus Life said that the Eco Pod has been the perfect addition to their overall Wilderness House property scheme and that the Pod has given them the ideal comfortable space in which to meet prospective clients.

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