Build an Eco home office in your back garden

Find out why we have come up with a fantastic eco-friendly home office pod that could solve all your commuting needs. The environment should be at the forefront of policy making for every business, homeowner and person. After all, if we want our world to be the same as it is now for our children’s children, we should be focusing on causing as little environmental damage as possible.

It is said that the ozone layer is becoming thinner every year. As the atmosphere deteriorates it is more important than ever to face up to our social and environmental responsibilities. There can be no doubt that the world as we know it will not be sustainable unless we change and improve our environmental policies. That is one of the reasons why we have come up with a fantastic eco-friendly pod which could solve all your commuting needs.

It is well known that commuting causes a lot of air pollution. Just think about all the exhaust fumes being emitted when you are stuck in yet another traffic jam on your way to work in the morning. It is unrealistic to expect everybody to stop using their cars, but there are steps that you can take to ensure that you no longer have to face the horrors of the morning commute.

During the first few months of the coronavirus pandemic as the world locked down we saw exactly what happens when a large amount of people stop communing; the world started to recover slightly, according to the Met Office.

Self employed workers and business owners may want to consider investing in one of our eco homes to use as an office. Our pods can easily be set up and constructed in a back garden. If you have a garden which is large enough to build an office in, you should certainly consider looking at our garden office buildings.

Which Pod Space Pods are Suitable for a Eco Home Office?

We offer a range of different sized pods, all of them are eco friendly, but our largest standard size is the Ecopod which measures 7.2 x 3.5m. Just imagine if your morning commute to work consisted of stepping out of the house’s back door and taking a few steps before entering the luxury of your very modern office. This will significantly reduce your carbon footprint as there will be no need to drive the car every day or pay for overly expensive public transport tickets.

What’s more, installing an Eco Pod in your back garden makes sound financial sense. Renting office space nowadays can be horrendously expensive, and it is safe to say that you will make your money back on your Ecopod office investment extremely quickly. Over a five-year period hiring an office space could cost double the amount that is required to build Ecopod garden offices. Our largest standard sized pod can comfortably fit up to four adults, so if you employ any staff they can work at the office too.

With incredibly efficient flat panel heaters, Scandinavian windows and doors, and energy glass, there can be no question that the Eco Pod offers high environmental standards. The wireless thermostat will allow you to control the office temperature, and plug sockets along with internet and data points come as standard. Building an environmentally friendly office in your back garden can be good for your finances as well as Mother Nature. With sleek designs and comfortable fittings, your new office should perfectly suit your needs.

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