Can I use a Pod as a holiday let/Airbnb?

Our selection of Pods can have various uses, such as a small garden office, exercise room, a place to chill and even an annexe with our collection - Living Pods. However, have you considered utilising your Pod for an Airbnb or holiday let?

If you have a back garden, you can use it as a means to earn extra income by listing your Pod on Airbnb or other holiday let sites, especially if you are located in a popular tourist destination. This option can be a great way to make some extra money.

What are the benefits of using a garden room as an Airbnb or Holiday Let?

  • Standing out from traditional hotels: Platforms like Airbnb are favoured by many travellers looking for a more affordable place to stay and something different from your generic hotel room. 
  • Create a unique space: With many traditional hotels having a more simplistic design, you have a brilliant opportunity to design a unique and stylish space to make a memorable holiday let for your guests.
  • Be a local tour guide: Airbnb is a platform that is used by people worldwide who are booking accommodation around the world. Therefore, as a host, you can provide insider knowledge of the area to provide a more authentic experience to your guests. 
  • Privacy: Listing a holiday let that is an annexe in your garden can give both the host and guest some privacy, but you are also close enough to be on hand. Unlike traditional hotels, garden rooms have separate plumbing, electricity, wifi, and other necessities. This means that you will not need to enter the property unless for an emergency so that you can leave your guests to it. 

Design tips to make your Pod the ultimate holiday let

When people are looking for their perfect stay, platforms like Airbnb are popular due to their uniquely designed accommodations. Therefore, it's best to get creative with how you design your Pod.

Plan your space

In some cases, garden rooms can be quite small, so you need to consider ways to create a comfortable space for guests that isn't too crowded. 

Look into storage options that will take less floor space, such as shelving that stacks to utilise the wall space more. You will also need to ensure there are spaces for your guests to unpack their things, so make sure your storage solution accommodates this.

Create an inviting haven for your guests

Airbnb hosts often want to create a more welcoming and personal experience for their guests. One way to achieve this is by providing a care package containing complimentary toiletries or stocking the fridge with essential items, such as tea and coffee. These small touches can go a long way in creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your holiday rental.

Cater for all types of guests

Just like any accommodation, you have guests there to enjoy a holiday, and some are there for business, which is why it's good to accommodate both.

Consider incorporating designated workspaces in your holiday rental by adding furniture such as a desk and chair. Additionally, you could create areas for leisure activities such as fitness by including exercise equipment or reading by providing books in the space. Again, this is a unique twist that guests aren't likely to experience in a traditional hotel.

Decorating your space

Now that you have all the required storage space and furniture in place, it's time to add some decorative elements to your space to give it a homely feel. You can bring some greenery to the area with artificial plants that require no maintenance and some warm lighting to create a cosy ambience.

Do I need planning permission?

If you plan to use an outbuilding such as a Pod for living accommodation in your garden, you will typically require planning permission. In order to apply for this planning permission, you will need to go through an application process.

For more information, read our article on planning permission around living accommodation and holiday lets.

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Create the ideal holiday rental with our Living Pods

Here at Pod Space, we offer two types of Living Pods: the Eco Pod Living and the Fjell Pod Living. These are both perfect for your holiday rental, coming in various sizes and bespoke designs. 

Our Living Pods make the perfect annexe but can become a beautiful holiday rental with unique designs that blend well in your garden, each equipped with a bedroom, living room, bathroom and mini kitchen. 

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