Do I need planning permission for a garden room?

Garden buildings have consistently remained a popular option for people wanting to work from home, but the prospect of obtaining planning permission can be off-putting. We explore the guidance for permitted development and look at ways to comply with the legislation and avoid the need for a planning application.

Some of the questions we are most frequently asked are whether our Pods need planning permission, and furthermore, how big can a garden building be without planning permission.

One of the greatest advantages of a garden building is that in many instances, the installation will be classed as permitted development. There are some specific exclusions depending upon your circumstances and where you would like to locate the Pod, but each one of the Pod Space standard building designs is compliant with the guidance for permitted development.

As a general rule if you live in an AONB, National Park or World Heritage site, then the same rules of permitted development do not apply. Similarly if you live in a Listed building you will need to have planning permission for your garden building. It is also worth noting that permitted development does not apply to flats or maisonettes and occasionally an individual property will have had its permitted development rights removed.

Garden Office Pod

If none of the above apply, then there are some other considerations to ensure that your building is compliant. The Pod will need to be located to the side or rear of your home as no development is allowed to the front of a property. Also remember that if you live in a conservation area, then only development to the rear of the home is permitted. Each of our standard garden Pods has a standard eaves height of 2.5m, so our Neo, Lite, Glide and even our Eco Pods can all be located close to your boundary. If you are interested in a customised pitched roof Pod, then keep in mind that it will need to be located at least 2m from any boundary.

This might sound like there is a lot of space required but don’t worry, the Pod Space team are experts at making garden pods with the guidance around planning permission. With intelligent design and technology, we ensure that your Pod is the best possible fit for your garden.

You will also need to check some specifics of your property, garden and what you intend to use the building for. You can only use a maximum of 50% of your original garden space for development. Note that this will include any other extensions or garden buildings that you already have installed. The final consideration will be the intended purpose of the Pod. Permitted development is only allowed for “purposes incidental to the dwellinghouse”. Uses such as a home office, hobby room, garden room, or home gym would all be acceptable. However, you cannot, for example use your building as a self-contained living accommodation.

For further information then why not contact one of our team and we can chat through the options with you.

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