Environmentally-friendly classrooms

A viable alternative to investing in a lengthy and expensive building reconstruction or redevelopment program. When a school or college is looking to expand their number of classrooms, it is often worth thinking somewhat outside of the box. Instead of investing in a lengthy and expensive building reconstruction or redevelopment program, it may be worth considering building a bespoke environmentally-friendly building which is specifically designed to suit all your pupils’ needs.

We offer a pod service which is perfect for creating garden studios or classrooms. There is no better way of teaching young minds than by practicing what you preach. Students today are taught all about the importance of being environmentally-friendly, but it is important to show them how these teachings can be applied in the everyday world.

Our strong and durable eco classrooms are an unbeatable cost investment for schools wishing to have a sustainable focus. Our classrooms are constructed with renewable materials which are designed to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. What is more, with world class designers and manufacturers on our team, we are able to create a bespoke eco-friendly classroom to match any specification. However, we are well aware that school budgets can be very tight indeed. That is why we design all our pods to have minimal maintenance costs. All our outdoor surfaces (including walls, roof and floor) are fully insulated to ensure that our classrooms retain maximum heat. By creating buildings which are designed to conserve energy, we can help push down school bills. Even better, all our units can come equipped with the latest under floor heating installed, as well as air conditioning units for the warmer weather.

You do not have to buy extra land in order to build an eco-friendly pod classroom. Our garden buildings can be created in existing school grounds. One of our main priorities when designing classrooms is to ensure that children receive the greatest learning experience possible. Say goodbye to overcrowded spaces, and instead let both your pupils and teachers enjoy state of the art furniture and learning facilities. We make sure that all our classrooms are able to provide a lot of light. After all, research has proved that humans can focus better when they can see what they are doing properly whilst feeling comfortable.

Long gone are the days when pupils had to shiver in the freezing cold temperatures of a wooden classroom block. All our pods offer expert heating facilities meaning that teachers can command the maximum amount of attention from children who are suitably warm. What’s more, our pods are fully compliant with current DDA requirements and Government environmental guidelines, so that parents can rest assured that their children are being taught in the safest facilities possible.

Schools may also be interested in doubly up some pods as garden offices. If your school leadership team is short on office facilities, an environmentally friendly pod may be just what you need. All pods are fully lockable and provide maximum security. Explore our bespoke classroom and office range of options to find one that suits your school.

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