Garden Rooms – Add Space, Add Value

As Spring is within our sights many of us will be thinking about whether it’s a good time to look towards selling our homes. In a recent article in The Telegraph, Phil Spencer has offered some useful advice on how to get the best out of marketing your home. One of the ways to do this is to increase space. He suggests that “living space is worth far more per square foot than bedroom space” and so it is worth looking at ways to extend the ground floor space with a conservatory or extension.

Considering the inevitable disruption and timescales involved there may be a better solution. Garden rooms have long been considered a great alternative as a means of providing extra space without intrusive building works to the home. It might even avoid the need for a lengthy period of planning approval and as the peak time of Spring is fast approaching this is certainly a consideration.

Snow Patrol musicians garden studio Pod

It is widely accepted that the addition of a garden room can add value to the home and it can certainly add appeal for potential buyers. As Phil Spencer also suggests, it’s worth considering what your target market will be for the sale of your home. This will govern how you choose to present the garden room. Are you buyers most likely to make use of the additional space as a garden office, home gym or play room for the children?

Once you’ve sold your home and you’re in the market for buying, it’s also a good time to start thinking about the virtues of a garden building. It may open up the options for houses that will suit your requirements. If the house is right for you, but lacking the space for you to work from home then a garden office may well provide the perfect solution.

Pod Space garden rooms can often be customised to suit the space and views available in the garden so take a look at the options and contact us to discuss your ideas….


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