How to stay motivated working from home


Who would have thought that ‘working from home’ would be a phrase that became perfectly acceptable following the pandemic? It’s great that many employers have offered flexibility but how easy is it to stay motivated while surrounded by daily distractions? If you are working from a small garden office, our useful blog might just give you some handy tips to make the most of your working day.

Establishing a routine

It might sound simple, but putting in place a plan for the day can help focus the mind. Setting regular working hours and making sure you incorporate breaks. If you used to go into the office, you’d probably have had a break or a chat with colleagues whilst making a drink -so do the same at home. Regular breaks and routine can improve your productivity.

Make time for a coffee break
Working at home in style
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Designing an inspiring workspace

How many of you worked from the kitchen table or on your sofa during our forced time off work? It was hard work to stay focused balancing a laptop on your knees! So, if you now work from home on a regular basis, creating a well-organised office environment that’s comfortable and streamlined can help you stay motivated long into the afternoon.

Here at Pod Space, we have a variety of Pods for the garden that can become the perfect workspace for you. Whether you are looking for a larger Pod to fill your space or have a smaller garden but need some extra space, our team of experts can help you find a Pod tailored to your needs.

Incorporating regular exercise and movement

You move much less when you are working alone than if you were in a team environment. Don’t forget to include ‘movement breaks’ or short walks (if even to the kitchen) to energise you and keep your focus sharp. Even standing up and having a stretch can make a difference and give you a boost.

Cultivating healthy habits

You would have remembered to take a bottle/flask of water into the office so do the same when you are working from home. That packet of biscuits might not be shared around as they once were either - so stay strong and keep them in the kitchen out of sight! Healthy habits support sustained motivation and well-being. You can do this!

Healthy habits for working at home

Managing distractions effectively

With family members also working from home it is very easy to get distracted. Agree boundaries - whether they are physical (close doors) or verbal (don’t interrupt me while my laptop is open). Whatever works for you but stick to your guns. If you could create a dedicated work area this could improve your productivity tenfold!

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Finding work-life balance

Working and living in one space can blur boundaries. In your head you might say just five more minutes that turns into an hour. If you had been working in an office, you might have had to catch a bus or train and those deadlines would have made you end your day. Be disciplined, stick to your routine and then switch off. There is always tomorrow!

Exploring alternative workspaces

You might be lucky to have a garden with enough room to build a dedicated garden office. There are so many benefits, including an increase in privacy, reducing those distractions and having a lovely view throughout the day, rather than the same four walls. There are plenty of choices out therefrom simple shed like structures, to bespoke garden Pod buildings that are uniquely designed around your needs.

The ultimate home office

Working from home and staying motivated is hard but making some simple quick fixes can improve your day. If you are looking for a permanent solution, then speak to Pod Space about our Garden Office Pods. Fully insulated, beautifully crafted and designed just for you, these are the ultimate ‘work from home’ spaces.

Take a look at our range of Garden Pods.

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