2016 – New Pods, New Spaces

Our Pods were redesigned for 2016. We look at the background and changes…Since Pod Space began in 2008 we have become renowned for our keen eye for detail and our stylish approach to using eco-friendly materials to create stunning versatile spaces for the home, work and leisure pursuits. Our most popular design is our signature Glide Pod.

Over several pod projects, the Glide Pod has been customised and adapted to fit seamlessly into a range of different environments and reflect a variety of different uses. In 2016 to remain at the forefront of garden room design, we decided to modify and upgrade our garden rooms. So our lead architectural designer began the exciting process of developing brand new designs for our Neo Pod, Glide Pod and Eco Pod. These were designed for purpose as garden buildings, garden studios and outbuildings.

Why change our pods?
At Pod Space we constantly strive to incorporate the latest eco product technologies and developments into our garden building designs. As part of our commitment to staying abreast of new technology, we have been closely observing the evolution of key eco materials. In-depth research has given our team a genuine understanding of which state-of-the-art technologies offer real benefits to our clients. It’s those valuable technologies we chose to embody in the design and construction of our brand new Pods.

Garden side view of Glide Pod

Loyal Pod Space followers will notice our new design developments don’t stray too far from our original pod designs. However, the new 2016 pods have been purposefully designed to encompass client feedback and preferences. Our talented architectural designers have used their knowledge of new materials to develop pod designs that utilise even more natural light and make more of surrounding views.

The Outbuilding designs…

To update the Glide Pod whilst retaining our signature stylish exterior cladding finish, we introduced a brand new colour. Striking black cladding now complements the original Siberian Larch timbers and long, unbroken lines of cladding create a contemporary, uncomplicated look. Modern, colour-matched slimline door frames and hidden framed windows complete the new exterior. However, the new Glide Pod remains true to the origins of its name with the addition of a sliding louvred screen providing both privacy and solar shading as well as ensuring it becomes the focal point of any garden.

A Pods office and lounge area

We have also made changes to the inside of the pod. A new high-grade specification means features such as electric sockets; switches and lighting blend harmoniously with the interior wall finish. New lighting packages give clients the option to choose directional square spotlights and even the skirting board has been redesigned with a contemporary uplift and recessed white board to provide a simple, light-reflecting finish.

Finally, to complete the interior of our new pod we can provide roller blinds that have been cleverly mounted within a ceiling recess so that clients have privacy and screening when required without obscuring the light or view when they are not in use.

The future of our pods…

Our new garden room range includes four key designs, The Neo Pod, The Lite Pod, The Glide Pod and The Eco Pod. With the innovation of new eco materials and design technologies our pods are constantly developing and each one of our pods can be truly customised to incorporate the ideas of individual clients. So why not contact us to tell us about your garden room ideas…

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