Small garden office interior ideas

A Garden Office Pod can elevate your remote working space away from your kitchen table or sofa. At Pod Space we strongly believe that the way you design your work-from-home space can help you with your productivity.

What style would you choose for your Garden Office Pod?

There are plenty of styles you could choose for your garden office. Designing the perfect office space can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be.

Whether you prefer a bright and airy atmosphere or a warm and cosy vibe, having a consistent style that reflects your personality is key to creating a workspace you'll love. So, whether you opt for white walls to create a fresh look, or add a pop of colour to your space, make it your own to enjoy every moment spent working there.

A room with a view

Positioning your desk and chair towards the beautiful view of your garden can make working through your to-do list or deadline a lot more bearable. As well as this, there are lots more benefits of being around nature such as increasing your productivity and creativity.

Another thing to keep in mind is creating a relaxing mood with the perfect lighting. Our Garden Pods have floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, windows and ceiling lights to brighten up your working space.

We’d also recommend additional lighting if you are working later nights or winter afternoons when the sun sets early. Lamps and desk lights can create a cosy, calming feel with glowy hues.


Even though many businesses decide to digitally store documents and data instead of filing it in a cabinet, you may want to look at storage options that don’t take up too much room but allow you to store items like notebooks and pens.

To optimise your space as much as possible without making your space too cramped or blocking all the natural light, you may benefit from looking into furniture that doesn’t take up too much floor space like floating shelves or even a floating desk.

Comfort is key

As you will be working in your garden office throughout the week, you should work comfortably to avoid any physical or muscle pain. Along with taking regular movement breaks, a chair and desk that is comfortable can help you keep focused throughout the day and prevent any potential injuries to you, such as back or neck pain.

Shopping for a desk and chair that has an ergonomic design is so important as these are renowned for increasing efficiency and productivity all while reducing discomfort.

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Bring nature into your space

A growing trend found within many modern office spaces is adding lots of greenery through hanging and pot plants. Many opt for artificial plants if they aren’t great at the upkeep of a real plant. They can look exceptionally real and worth shopping around for one to find the perfect look for your Pod.

If you are going for a space that is more simple with a neutral palette, plants can add a pop of colour and texture to your space. With our Pods, you will be surrounded by nature in your garden so why not introduce them into your office space?

Incorporate your personality

Make your office space your own by adding sentimental items to your work area. This could be your favourite art or adding photos of your family or friends or ornaments that hold some good memories. All these things can help with motivation and make your small garden office different from anyone elses.

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A Garden Pod to elevate your working

A Pod Office can provide a fresh new space in your back garden and can be a huge catalyst towards the perfect work-life balance. Here at Pod Space, we have extensive experience and knowledge in buildings for business owners and remote workers with a variety of Pods that are perfect for small and large spaces.

We understand that you want to get on with your work in your brand new Pod swiftly, which is why we have an exceptionally quick turnaround to avoid any unnecessary delays. Get in touch with our friendly team or download our insightful brochure on the Pods we offer.

Our team can assist you in finding a stunning workspace that will help you tackle your to-do list and reach your professional goals.

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