Snow Patrol drummer seeks inspiration in his very own garden music studio pod

Snow Patrol drummer, Jonny Quinn, seeks inspiration in his very own Pod Space garden music studio. The best musicians get inspiration from all around them, either from life itself or other artists that have influenced them. When it comes to putting pen to paper to write a song or creating a new rift, it’s important to be in the right kind of environment that encourages ideas to flourish.

With a bit of luck, they can hopefully turn this idea into the next big record that has the power to pack out stadiums globally or fit perfectly into a blockbuster movie soundtrack. Snow Patrol are no stranger to hit records and packed out stadiums – ever since the release of their debut album, Songs for Polarbears in 1998, they have toured the globe and gone on to sell over 12 million albums. Drummer Jonny Quinn used to be famous for his stage-diving antics, but several broken limbs later, his record company put a stop to this – after all, a drummer with two broken arms is no use to anyone!

Snow Patrol drummers garden Pod

A garden music studio to get away from it all

He now lives a much quieter life in North London with his wife and son, and recently invested in his very own, custom-made Pod in order to get away from it all and concentrate on his work.

Of course, Jonny isn’t the first or last musician to let their creative juices flow at home. As our recent music mood board highlighted, many hit records old and new have all been created from the comfort of the artist’s very own home.

The legend that is Bruce Springsteen, aka The Boss, recorded his sixth album at home on a humble tape recorder in 1982. It has since been hailed as one of the best albums of the eighties, and indeed all-time, selling by the truckload.

Meanwhile, having released a Greatest Hits album in 2013, Snow Patrol are ready to move onto the next phase in their career and have begun thrashing out ideas for their next studio album, pencilled in for a 2015 release. We reckon Jonny will be spending quite a lot of time holed up in the luxury of his Pod over the coming months, and we await the results with baited breath…

A Garden Music Studio Pod for Your home

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own garden music studio pod, then you’re in the right place. Our pods are created to give you the space and privacy to write your next great album.

To create your perfect garden music studio, we’ll discuss what your specific needs and requirements are. Do you need space for jam sessions with the band? Or is this a solo pod where you can get away from it all to focus on your music without distraction?

Our garden pods are created using industry leading insulation  that will stifle any loud noises, making sure your neighbours stay happy and unaware of your musical ventures.

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