The Eco is the perfect Garden Pod with a view

We were delighted when we were invited to design a scheme for this gorgeous riverside location in London. Pitched right at the end of the garden and overlooking the river path, it is the perfect place for relaxation and to watch the world go by.

Our customers, Emily and her partner, wanted to create some useful, extra space in their garden to complement their house and make the most of their fabulous garden. The contemporary design of the Eco Pod lends itself perfectly to their riverside location with full height glazing reflecting the water beyond. The triple sliding glazed doors have been situated next to the riverside to enable the sounds of the river to infiltrate the interior, offering a truly tranquil space. On the exterior, the larch cladding works alongside the trees and planting which link the building into its natural surroundings. The lawn runs right up to the edge of the pod that we sited at ground level to create a simple fluent finish in to the garden.

Eco Pod side elevation

As with all of our garden pods, we’ve included features that ensure the building is a comfortable retreat from the main home all year round. Underfloor heating will keep it cosy at any time and sockets, switches and data carefully planned around the clients needs. We’ve also got a shower room tucked in to the corner with contemporary vinyl flooring and luxury wall panels. We have combined the practicalities and needs of day to day living with modern finishes for a building that you just want to spend time in. Emily said “we plan to use our pod mainly as a home office and gym space, however in the summer it will be lovely to sit down there with a glass of wine!”

Eco Pod

On the interior, the glazing has a neat frameless finish which is perfect for this garden pod with a view. The large format doors and wide full height windows are standard features of the Eco Pod. They work in perfect harmony with the landscape in this location to offer a connection back to the house, as well as an extended view out towards the water. Wide planks of oak flooring soften the interior space and pick up the planks for the riverside jetty. The Eco Pod has a large interior space which can be partitioned, but in this case it’s been left in open plan to allow for multiple uses and enable the light to run right through the space.

We asked Emily if she could sum up in one word how her pod makes her and her partner feel, she said ‘relaxed’.

If you’re looking for a garden pod with a view then this could be the perfect solution.

Eco Pod

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