The perfect home office and garden room

Eoin and Jenny were moving house to a beautiful period home in Croydon. It had the most fabulous garden, full of mature trees and shrubs and an incredible view of the valley. As they worked from home, they wanted a quality garden room to use as an office and enjoy their views year-round.

Speed was of the essence, as they needed to use it quickly after moving in. They contacted Pod Space and talked through their plans. It was to be installed in a secluded part of the garden and they had quite specific needs.

As each of our designs is bespoke, we could create a design exactly to the couple’s requirements. They loved our plan, and we were able to install it in a matter of weeks.

Stylish home office

Based on our Glide Pod, the design worked in harmony with the garden. We were able to meet their access requirements by installing the pod on pre-cast concrete pads, which also saved on time from using a typical wet mix concrete. The rest of the installation was seamless, and it wasn’t long before the pod was ready for use. Its contemporary lines, and Siberian larch cladding worked as a perfect contrast to the lushness of the mature gardens. Our customers were delighted, and we were too!

Siberian larch cladding

Jenny said “Working with Pod Space was a smooth process and there was a commitment to quality. Our favourite moment so far has been watching the sunset from our pod. if anyone has a doubt about Pod Space, I’d say ask yourself if in 20 years’ time will this building still be desirable in comparison to other options?” As the couple chose Pod Space – we think we know their answer!

If you do have to work from home, why not consider doing it in style? We have designed our pods, so they fall within the parameters of permitted development. We are the experts in garden studios, so can help you with aspects of planning if you have any concerns.

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