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Working at home is now very much the norm but people have chosen very different spaces to work from. Our blog will talk through the possibility of having a dedicated workspace in your garden in the form of a garden office, or as we call them a Garden Pod. We have several models available that are the best pods for the garden so we can talk through the differences you could expect.

Benefits of a Small Garden Office Pod

Improved work-life balance: It’s often very hard to focus from everyday distractIons when you are working from a home study or at the kitchen table. Having a separate building in your garden can increase your productivity and help you concentrate. It also means at the end of the day, you can close the door behind and have the sense that you have ‘left the office’.

Eco-friendly work environment: If you are concerned about your sustainability footprint, then Garden Pods are a great option. Built with the principles of modular design, they are often made from eco-friendly materials, are built offsite and assembled at your home, and are particularly energy efficient. In the winter you are only heating a small space, rather than your whole home. It’s worth checking with the manufacturer you have chosen that the construction is suitable for year-round use.

Property value enhancement: Garden Pods are a striking feature in your garden and add a decent amount of floorspace to your home. Think of them as a long-term investment so should you choose to sell your home in the future, then they are a desirable feature from the rest of the houses up for sale near you.

Exploring our Pods:

Neo Pod: Compact design, garden harmony

Customers love our Neo Pod for its compact design. It’s ideal for a smaller garden or for people that just want a small studio space. It’s perfect if you have a great view into your garden, as the floor to ceiling windows will give you the inspiration and motivation to put in a full day as you gaze out.

The joy of a Neo pod is its simplicity – as each of our Pods are bespoke you can choose for it to integrate into your garden scape or choose an exterior which makes it stand out as a feature.

Lite Pod: eco-friendly elegance

The Lite Pod’s design is all about the sense of space that it creates. With an open plan design, you can create the home office of your dreams. Complete with sliding doors and frameless glazing, its signature design stands out in the word of Garden Pods.

It’s also the Pod to choose if you need peace and quiet. We have also spent a considerable amount of time working on acoustic insulation. In fact, our customers include writes, music producers and researchers to name just a few.

Glide Pod: InnovatIve design for optimal functIonality

Our Glide Pod is an award winner! In the world of design, Red Dot is an award that is coveted. Only the very best designs in the UK are recognised and we won it in 2019 for our outstanding design.

This is the Pod for you if you want to zone your spaces. You could include a mini kitchen, a bathroom, even a meditation space if you needed to take 5 from a hectIc day.

Our customers also love the optional sliding louvered screen that you can move in front of the Pod together get some privacy or enjoy your garden views.

Eco Pod: Sustainable choice, feel good factor

Another award winner, this time the IF design award, our Eco Pod uses striking natural materials and fits beautifully into lush garden landscapes.

Eco friendly materials are used in abundance, including sheep’s wool insulation in the walls and ceiling, which is a natural by-product of British farmers. As well as working industriously in a beautiful space, the Eco Pod really does make you feel that you are doing your bit for the plant.

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Personalising your garden office pod

If you do need to work from home, then you should absolutely do it in style. As each of our Pods is built to your specifications and requirements, you can personalise it to your heart's content.

Some of our customers love a streamlined look, super contemporary with monochrome furnishings so that their garden does the talking. Others love pops of colour to match their glorious planning schemes.

We can also help with technology, if you would like air conditioning, Wi-Fi connections, or additional sockets – they are all a consideration and one that we can help you with.

It’s all about getting you what you need to be your most productive.

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Our team are experts in finding you the best office pod

There are so many benefits to working at home – and even more if you can have an Office Pod in your garden. From being able to enjoy your garden views while you are on the phone, to walking back up to your house at the end of the day and knowing you have done a great job in an inspiring space.

The only decision you must make now is which Garden Pod to choose. Will it be the compact NeoPod, perfect as a small garden office or the Eco Pod, for its green credentials and feel-good factor?

Whatever your style, we are sure that a Garden Office Pod is the way forward. Please get in touch if you are feeling inspired and want our help.

We have a variety of office pods available so you find the best space for you to get through your daily to do list.

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