Finding tranquillity: Wellness and Yoga in your Garden Pod

Creating a Home Yoga Studio with a Garden Pod

Wellbeing is often talked about but what does it really mean? The World Health Organisation refers to it as ‘a positive state, with a quality of life with a sense of meaning and purpose’. We can all aspire to that. In fact, in a recent survey, 7 million of us took up gardening following the pandemic as spending time with nature naturally boosts our state of wellbeing.

We all lead fast-paced lives so in addition to gardening how can we find ways to achieve that physical, mental and emotional balance?

More and more people are buying a Garden Pod as their own home yoga studio and wellness retreat. A place to escape the hustle and bustle of life and find time for themselves. But what benefits could this bring and is it something that is really for you? Our blog explores more on the topic.

Benefits of practicing yoga in your Garden Pod

Connecting with nature: With a Garden Pod it doesn’t really matter what the weather is doing outside. With the doors open you can truly connect with nature. The fresh air, the smells of the garden, the breeze, all aid with mental clarity and relaxation.

Versatile all-weather space: And of course, the joy of a Garden Pod is if it a crisp winter’s morning or a baking summer’s day, well manufactured Pods can include heating or air conditioning to make those peaceful moments all together more tolerable.

Privacy and peaceful environment: Your own zen den in the garden could be a retreat from everyday life. Your own private space designated solely for your own relaxation and self-care. Often, garden studios, like the Glide Pod from Pod Space, also have a sliding screen across the front to create a perfectly private spot too.

Designing your wellness garden: Consider contracting a landscape designer if you are starting your garden from scratch. They can advise layout for your whole space, from pathways and planting to positioning your garden pod to capture the sun’s rays at different times of day.

Personalisation: There is so much inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest on how to design the perfect wellness Pod. You can also take inspiration from the case studies on the Pod Space website. Alex from Surrey, for example, created her own dream space, with a striking black exterior.

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Incorporating yoga practices

Morning sun salutations: Just think, with your own yoga retreat, you only need to stumble out of bed and within a few minutes you could start your day with a gentle yoga routine, such as a sun salutation, to awaken your body and mind for the day ahead.

Meditation and mindfulness: You can create your own peaceful sanctum. From earthy tones to reflect your garden, to natural materials both in and outside the Pod. We can install soft lighting to mimic natural light, and our Pods have superior acoustic qualities so you can concentrate on finding that inner peace without outside sounds to distract you.

Evening restorative sessions: If you have missed your morning routine, the joy of your own garden yoga studio is being able to use it at any time of day. After a busy day, just imagine a restorative, healing routine, with doors open to the stars as evening descends. How could you not sleep well after that?

Utilising Garden Pods for holistic wellness

Beyond yoga: Of course, if you are not a big yoga fan, you aren’t limited. Many of our customers use their Pods for reading, journaling, or other gentle fitness such as pilates and stretching. Let’s be honest, many of our customers also use them just to sit in, to meditate, breathe deeply and occasionally have a glass of wine to unwind.

Social connection: You could if you like, invite friends or family members around to enjoy your tranquil space together. Reconnect, unwind and just be. Doesn’t that sound perfect?

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We can help you find the perfect pod for the garden

There are so many reasons to slow down in life. We all work hard and sometimes life is so busy we know we need to get off the roundabout but can’t find a way. Wellness is a state of mind, and whether you find that through yoga, reading or just relaxing with a cup of tea, Pod Space is here to help you. Our Garden Pods have become havens or sanctuaries for many of our customers. We wonder how you would use yours. Please get in touch with our friendly team or download one of our detailed brochures.

Our expert team can help you find a Garden Pod that is the ideal yoga studio and wellness hub.

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