How to make a home office in a small space?

How to make a home office in a small space?

Many businesses have shifted to a hybrid model, allowing employees to work completely from home or split their time between the office and home. This new way of working has its benefits, including increased flexibility and reduced commuting times.

According to *RSPH, 26% of Brits work from their bedroom or sofa which isn’t ideal if you want a comfortable work set-up that allows you to split your work and personal life.

Creating a refreshing new space with a pod for the garden

Many people look at creating an area that is purely for work or look to converting a shed or garage which can be a challenging and time-consuming task. This is where an Office Pod can be a solution to having a fresh new space that is separate from your home.

We have a selection of Pods that provide a new space for gardens of all sizes from the compact Neo Pod to a larger Eco Pod. All of our designs come with floor-to-ceiling sliding doors and digitally controlled heating so you can work in your Pod all year round.

If you are in need of some inspiration, take a look at how one of our customers has utilised a Neo Pod to make a brilliant home office in her garden so they can work in a calming space. Find out more here.

Split your space

Having a dedicated space in your office can be important in organising your area and can still be achievable with one room. Look at creating dividers using furniture so you have a faux wall to break up parts of the space. It is also possible with Pod Space to include an optional dividing wall, depending on the size you choose.

If you want lots of floor space, it still can be possible to split your room up by adding different zoned colours or wallpaper to one part of the room. You could even look at making an area into a coffee station or a break room to get away from your desk for a few minutes- even if it is just a few steps away from your desk.

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Furniture that provides flexible working spaces

When it comes to the key essentials in your office, the biggest one is your desk and chair.

These will take up the most space in your office so you may want to look at a foldable desk and chair which can collapse or fold when you are finished for the day. Alternatively, you could look at getting a corner desk which can maximise the floor space with the desk nestled into your space.

Utilise your wall space

Look into hanging storage pots to store any stationery and pinboards to add any reminders or helpful information. By doing this, you are avoiding any clutter on your desk and shelves and can make it easier for you to find the stationery that you need without rummaging through draws!

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Design a refreshing working space with our Pods for the garden

Looking for the perfect small garden office? Our team are to help!

Our range of Pods come in a variety of sizes to fit any garden, so you're sure to find one that's just right for you. Whether you've got a cosy back garden or a sprawling green space, we've got you covered. Start exploring our selection today and find your dream garden office.

Royal Society of Public Health 26% of brits work from their bedroom or sofa’

Looking for a compact solution to create a modern office? Our Garden Pods are the solution for you!

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