Neo Pod - 18 months, as good as new!

It's over a year since we launched the Neo Pod and the first building was completed and installed. 18 months on and we are delighted to show it in use and still looking as good as the day we lifted it in.

Year-round outdoor home office

The Pod is currently being put to excellent use as an outdoor home office with the owner now working full time from there. We’ve had excellent feedback that natural insulation and underfloor heating are keeping him warm as well as creating a quiet and calm space in which to work, away from the current busyness of the main house!

The photo’s that we have show the exterior cladding standing up well to all that our last British winter has thrown at it and the interior wall finishes are still looking clean and contemporary. Our pods are built to last, and this garden pod expresses that perfectly.

It’s great to see the Pod up and running and in daily use as an outdoor home office and we’re sure that there are many more years to come.

What does the client have to say?

“I’m thoroughly enjoying working from the Neo Pod. It’s proving to be a very productive space and the perfect way to manage working from home. I have all the quiet and calm of my usual office but with a visual link back to my home and family when I need a break. I’m so pleased I’ve got it!”

We totally agree!

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