Make exercise easier with a home gym

We all know the benefits of regular exercise but for most of us it's a constant battle to find the time. Some of our savvy clients have found the perfect solution - a garden office gym! All the benefits of exercise without the commute.

Making the perfect customised outdoor gym building

Imagine, having a short stroll across the garden to get to your very own outdoor gym building. All of a sudden a trip to the gym is a sanctuary of peace and a break from your day rather than feeling like a chore! We work closely with our clients right from the start to make sure we understand exactly what they need for the space. For example we can raise the ceiling height to ensure there is space for tall equipment or for lifting weights. We can also include a strengthened floor to take the weight of equipment or add extra steel and a hook in the roof to enable the fit of a boxing bag or pulley system.


When you couple this with all of the benefits of a Glide Pod you’ve got a light bright space where the doors can slide back for fresh air and a light breeze whilst you work out in peace. On sunny days you can pull over the sliding louvre screen for privacy or shading from the sunlight.

If you’re already imagining a life where going to the gym becomes a pleasure rather than a chore then get in touch with us to start planning your project…

The perfect activities for your garden office gym

Having your own outdoor gym building opens up so many possibilities for your self improvement (both physical and mental)! With your own home gym, you can make meditation a daily part of your routine, begin stretching your body to its limits with yoga and weightlifting, or train for a marathon on your rainy days with a treadmill.

If you’re interested in bringing these activities into your life with a home outdoor gym building, then we are here to help. We’ll work with you to create a Pod that fits the dimensions of your garden, and has all the amenities that you need to get your perfect workout in.

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