Tiny spaces, big ideas: 8 outdoor garden room ideas

Some of our clients are making the most of what they have available! Even the smallest of gardens can become inspiring spaces with a bit of careful planning and some clever design idea

We work with smaller spaces across the the UK, particularly in London. We even worked with Snow Patrols drummer, Johnny Quinn, to install a bespoke music room. If you’ve got the vision we can help you acheive it.

Top tips for making the most of your tiny garden:

Use horizontal fence panelling – draw the eye and create an illusion of vast space with horizontal fencing.

Zones – create zones for planting, dining, playing etc. to make the best use of the space available.

Symmetrical features will help to give balance to your garden and maintain the line of vision centrally

Keep it low maintenance – the greatest advantage of having a smaller garden is the lack of maintenance! Paved areas, pot plants and perennials will all help you achieve time to enjoy your space.

This long, narrow townhouse garden uses all of the above features with spectacular results! The Lite Pod at the end of the lawn further enhances the space with the glazed frontage providing a reflection on the grassed area, to create the illusion of an endless garden. For this project, we omitted the timber screen to create the effect of a wide area. The resulting clean lines, zoned spaces and minimalist planting are perfect for family living.

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Creating Fit for Purpose Architectural Gardens

The main ideas for a tiny space our customers come to us for are gyms, offices and extra self contained residences, however if you’re looking for a small garden a home pod may not be the right fit.

1. Garden Gym

Keeping fit at home could not be easier with one of our pods, depending on the space available. Are you a fitness fanatic with a hectic work life balance? Having a gym in your garden could be the perfect way to give yourself more time to work on your mind and body.

2. Art Room

We’ve installed multiple art rooms across the UK for various artists. Seperating your work from you home life is very important, not only for your own mental health, but to keep motivation at an all time high.

3. Music Room

Inspiration can strike at any minute for a musician, using a home studio can be the perfect way to create the exact environment to make you and your musical prowess flourish. Every musician has a different way of using a space and making it work for them which is why our pods can be altered to suit your needs.

4. Spa

Create your own perfect luxury garden getaway with a spa, our garden pods can be fitted with running water so you get the full experience of a working spa. Double glazed windows and FSC certified wood from Scandinavian countries build upon that luxury authentic spa feel while allowing the maximum amount of light into the room.

5. Bar

Who doesn’t want a bar in their garden, create the perfect pour and socialising space to transform your outdoor living area. Do you find yourself hosting your friends and family but wanting to impress? A custom built bar could be the way forward.

6. Mancave

Having a place to escape is important for anyone. Creating the ultimate man cave could free up space inside your family home and create space for new hobbies. Gamers could create their perfect gaming set up with a mounted TV and comfy seating. Darts players could transform their mancave into a luxury state of the art arena for them and their friends to compete.

7. Home Office

With working from home on the rise and new businesses built out of homes a home office garden building is the perfect way to seperate your work life balance. Creating a luxury fit for purpose space is the perfect way to keep your business going.

8. Beauty Studio

Beauticians generally start their career at home and then move into a studio or salon that charge the rental of a chair or station on a day by day basis. Take back control of your services and build your own beauty salon in your back garden. You’ll be able to custom fit your garden beauty studio with all of the amenities.

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