Office workers reveal how they think an inspirational office should be

Office workers reveal how they think an inspirational office should be in recent nationwide survey.

To some of us, how our workspace looks isn’t that important, but it can help to set our mood when we go to our desks first thing in the morning, govern how freely we can move and how comfortable we end up feeling when working. However, in a recent survey we conducted amongst over 1,000 people nationwide revealed, we found that many strong views on how inspirational an office can be.

When asked about the view from their office, 38% said a beach/sea view would be the most inspirational, with 35% saying they would like to look out on open countryside. Meanwhile, just 4% said their preferred office vista would be of the open road or vehicle access routes!Read More Image

The ideal desk

Furniture was an important issue which proved to be a little more divisive. 27% said they wanted contemporary and colourful furniture, 26% wanted luxury and leather furniture, while 22% wanted old-fashioned antique furniture. Just 11% wanted chrome or space-age tables and chairs, possibly going for comfort over style.

As for how desks are spaced out, 40% said they didn’t want any partitioning, but did want separate desks. 20% wanted partitioning up to eye level. Four out of 10 workers said that a coffee machine would help to fuel creativity; 28% said the same of a shared music system. A cheeky 8% said they wanted a games console in the office.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 12.32.50

Wanting different things

Men and women tended to vary greatly in terms of what they wanted from an inspirational workspace. Male workers wanted luxury furniture more than anything else, while women chose contemporary furniture, while more men preferred no-frills furniture.

One-third of people surveyed in Leeds said they would choose a music system over a coffee machine, while more than half of workers in Liverpool said they would choose to look out at countryside over anything else.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 12.37.18

The most inspirational office

Once the results of the survey had been compiled together we were able to create a graphic to represent the results show what the people surveyed considered the most inspirational office. Let us know in the comments below if you agree with this and what you would have in your inspirational office.

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